• Artistic and creative: Schola cantorum, Choir, Piano, School of Guitar, Dance, Painting workshop and Theatre Group.
  • Sports activities: Indoor Football, 7-aside federated football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Tennis, Golf and Rowing.
  • Study Club and Academic Support: Supervised study and Mindfulness School.
  • Debate Club: Debate and Oratory, TED-ED Club, Communications and Press 2.0 Club
  • New Technologies: Robotics.

The only centre in Andalusia having an SEK-Alboran TED ED Club, an innovative programme in collaboration with TED, in which pupils learn to spread their big ideas in a format similar to TED Talks, supported by audiovisual aids.

Under the heading of international and inter-cultural education, a wide variety of exchanges are organised with international schools from France, Germany, the United States and Spain; Erasmus+ Programmes, and the chance to take part in the SEKMUN, THIMUN, RIMUN and UNIS model United Nations.


Due to the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to comply with the health and safety protocols set by the competent authorities, SEK-Alborán will not offer extracurricular activities during the first term of the 2020-21 school year. When the time comes, we will notify you of the opening of the courses.