Extracurricular activities designed to suit every student

  The School has designed, in accordance with the protocols established to ensure the health and safety of the students in this 21-22 school year, a wide range of Extracurricular Activities that provide students with the opportunity to enrich their education from an academic and cultural, artistic and sporting perspective.

The programme of activities is very varied:

  • Arts schools:Escola Cantorum, Choir, Piano for Beginners, Dance and Painting Workshop
  • Sports academies:Futsal, 7-a-side Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Taekwondo, Skating for beginners and Roller Hockey, Tennis Academy and Golf Academy
  • Study Club and Academic Support:Supervised study and School of Mindfulness
  • Oratory Club:Debate Club and SEK-Alboran TED-ED Club; WeAlborán – Communication and Press Club 2.0; SEK-Alborán Journal – Journalism Club and Entrepreneurship Lab
  • Science and New Technology: ASEKMOV Robotics Club and Alboran Science Club

More information and registration on MySEK Familias