Extraordinary Bachillerato Awards 2016/2017

Adrián Doña Mateo, student at the SEK International School Alborán, took first place in the Extraordinary Bachillerato Awards for 2016/2017 in Almería province.

Adrián Doña Mateo earned the top mark of 10 in the general stage of the university entrance exams, silver medals in the national mathematics and physics Olympics, and the Extraordinary Bachillerato Award 2016/2017 to complete an exceptional academic record.

According to the Resolution of 27 April 2017 by the Directorate General for Educational Planning, publishing the call for applicants for the Extraordinary Bachillerato Award corresponding to the academic year 2016/2017 by the Council for Education of the Junta de Andalucía, a total of 68 Extraordinary Awards were presented by the Region of Andalusia with the following criteria: each province granted one award per 1000 students, or a fraction above 500, enrolled in the second year of Bachillerato in the academic year 2016/17 in public and private schools, including mature students taking the Bachillerato for Adults.

The awards were distributed in the provinces as follows: 5 in Almería, 10 in Cádiz, 7 in Córdoba, 8 in Granada, 4 in Huelva, 6 in Jaén, 12 in Málaga, and 16 in Seville.

The exams were held on 26 June in the places indicated by each Territorial Delegation, and the financial component of each Extraordinary Award was 500 euros.

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