The ‘golden girls’ of Andalusian volleyball

The last phase of the qualifying league for the Andalusian Volleyball Championship took place in December 2018. The SEK-Alboran Volleyball Club, both in the Cadete and Infantil categories, is currently among the top eight teams in the province.

The SEK International School Alborán infantil category team includes the following students: Cecilia Mañas, Mara Mena, Alba Pérez, Ángela Morón, Salud Dumont, Sandra Álamo, Nerea Sánchez, Marta Zapata, Elena Álvarez, María José Linares and Mar Mónico. The team was able to ensure the much-desired classification in the first days of the league. On the other hand, the cadete team, consisting of Nerea Amador, Teresa Amador, Inás Alubudi, Lucía Camacho, Ana Belén Guerrero, Nela Góngora, Salud Dumont, Cecilia Mañas and Sandra Álamo, won it on the last day.

After an edge-of-your-seat match the final score ended in favour of the SEK team. The first set was won easily, but the next two sets went to the Wefferente Mintonette team. Finally, SEK won the last two sets, and thus, the match and the classification.

Images of the last six years of the Volleyball Club.


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