SEK-Alborán, among the top 100 schools in Spain

This 20th El Mundo 100 Best Schools Ranking included one thousand candidate schools, with an exhaustive analysis taking into account 27 different parameters, and in which SEK-Alborán and Compañía de María were ranked the two best schools in Almeria. This study includes a selection of 160 schools divided into three categories, such as ‘The Top 100’, ‘Outstanding’ and ‘International’.

In 63rd position was the top ranked school from Almerian, the Compañía de María school, with 84 points, improving on their place in the ranking compared to previous years. SEK-Alborán, the other Almerian representative in this prestigious ranking, was ranked 76th with a total of 83 points and matched with other first-class schools such as Newton College of Alicante or the British Hispano of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The main parameter used in this study is the educational model, valuing the traits that distinguish each school from others. The ethos, methods and educational innovation plans are also taken into account. Similarly, up to four points are awarded for external recognitions, since they are “a good indicator of the school’s prestige and standards the awards and recognitions that it may have received.”

The number of years catered for is another of the pillars in this ranking, bearing in mind the ages of children in order to ensure a commitment to all-round education and allowing long-term planning of academic life. In terms of students, schools are asked to outline whether, in addition to marks, they take into account other variables in assessment.

The loyalty index defines the percentage of students who complete their school life at the school, as well as how many former students choose to take their children to the  school. The organisers of the ranking remind parents that the school’s quality resides in its teachers, and therefore it scores schools on the numbers of teachers that remain at schools for longer periods of time, the ongoing training they are offered, their participation in innovation projects and educational research and the existence of training courses taught by the school’s teachers. Language teaching, tutorials, support staff, spaces, results for the university entrance exams or student/teacher ratios are other criteria that are analysed.

Source: Ideal de Almería

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