Claudia Ibáñez Martos, among the 20 best students in the 35th Thales Mathematical Olympiad

The city of Adra held the provincial 35th Thales Mathematical Olympiad. A competition in which close to 600 second year ESO students from different secondary schools from around the province took part.

Claudia Ibáñez Martos, SEK International School Alboran student, picked up a diploma naming her one of the 20 best students out of over 500 at the local phase of the 2019 35th Thales Mathematical Olympiad. The event took place in the assembly hall of the Unicaja Foundation, and was chaired by the Delegate for Education of the Andalucía Regional Government and the Mayor of Adra.

The objective of the  Thales Andalusian Society of Mathematics Education is to disseminate mathematical knowledge, facilitate the teacher training for mathematics teachers and promote trends in mathematical thought, as well as transmitting educational innovations and disseminating the different trends in teaching and mathematical learning. Among its goals is also to establish a connection between the teachers of different educational levels.

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