Bernabé Hernández Moreno, SEK-Alborán alumnus, best speaker of the 3rd Tournament of the University of Granada

Bernabé Hernández Moreno, SEK International School Alborán alumnus from the class of 2015 visited the school to give an educational talk to the new members of the Nicolás Salmerón Debate Club.

Bernabé was noted during his time at SEK-Alborán for participating in several academic debate tournaments both at the inter-school level and at the university level, and as a secondary school student he achieved great achievements such as the 2nd Prize of the Three Cultures Tournament organised by the University of Córdoba in 2015, together with Mari Carmen Peregrina and José Luis Escobar. After completing his studies at SEK-Alborán he founded his own debate club in the Jesús María School of Granada, of which he continues to be coordinator.

Recently, on 26 and 27 April, he participated in the 3rd Tournament of the University of Granada, celebrated at the Espacio V Centenario. The proposed topic was: ‘Should low-performing universities in Spain be closed?’

As always in this format of academic debate, the teams had to prepare positions in favour and against the proposed topic, needing to find reasons to argue both positions. Just a few moments before the debate was held, the position to be debated was drawn. While it is true that the result of the team was not remarkable, winning one of the three debates in the first round, our alumnus Bernabé Hernández was named best tournament speaker, from 14 teams from all the Faculties of the University of Granada.

On 24 May, Bernabé visited the school again to give a workshop-conference to the students who are currently part of the SEK-Alborán Debate Club, directed by Javier Eladio Guzmán. In this workshop he shared his experience in world of debate, in addition to giving valuable advice to the new generations who are following in his wake.

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