SEK-Alborán achieves the best mark in Almeria and 100% pass rate for university entrance exams

A student at SEK International School Alborán has attained the best mark in the university entrance exams (PEVAU) for the province of Almería, this is in addition to the 100% pass rate for the class of 18-19, in which 96% of its secondary school students sat the exams.

Raquel Mónico Lucena was the student who obtained the best mark in Almería, with 13.97 (out of a total of 14 points). This is the third year in a row that the students from the Almería school have achieved the best marks in university entrance exams.

Other students in this class have also obtained excellent marks, with five students scoring above 13 points. 23.1% of students have scored over 12 points. The average of the entire year, with 52 students, was 10.57.

This achievement is added to the students of year two Baccalaureate at SEK International Schools Ciudalcampo and El Castillo, in Madrid, who also obtained excellent results in the 2019 university entrance exams, which were released last week. Specifically, 100% of SEK-Ciudalcampo students and 98% of SEK-El Castillo students passed the exam -of a total of 94 and 56 students respectively.

These results show the success of the SEK educational model, which understands excellence as a personal and professional form of fulfilment that demands rigour, effort, creativity and passion.

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