Javier Eladio Guzmán, SEK-Alborán teacher, speaker at the 2nd World International Congress on Communication and Philosophy

The University of Seville organised the second International Congress on Communication and Philosophy in Priego de Córdoba, between 22 and 23 November, Javier-Eladio Guzmán, teacher at SEK-Alborán School, took part with two papers, “Digitalisation of the Theory of Knowledge from a teaching perspective” and “A version of the Rule of Knowledge adapted to Academic Debate.”

In the first conference he presented his method to work with the Theory of Knowledge through the ‘International Course on Theory of Knowledge’, a section of eight videos from the 2018-2019 academic year on his YouTube teaching channel, Profesor Guzman. Guzmán has designed a model of thought that he has called ‘Análisis Dialógico Intencionalista’, which consists in rigorously examining the different ways of understanding an intentional phenomenon.

In his second presentation he presented and criticised different versions of the Rule of Knowledge to debate rigorously and ethically. His presentation involved analysing and profiling definitions of this rule in order to obtain a solid proposal.

The book Comunicación y Filosofía has published a summary of both conferencesIn addition, the speeches given by the SEK-Alborán teacher will appear in the publication Nuevas realidades y nuevos conceptos (from Ediciones Egregius), and extended versions in the form of academic papers will appear as chapters of the books entitled Innovación y tendencias educativas: la comunicación del conocimiento and Posverdad: un fenómeno interdisciplinar. Both will be published by Editorial Egregius in 2020.

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