SEK-Alborán year 4 students collaborate with Koopera Almería

Year 4 ESO students from SEK-Alborán collected toys and clothes donated throughout the SEK-Alborán Community and presented them to Koopera Almería, as part of their Service and Activity (SA) programme.

The engagement of the school and its students with the local community is a proposal by education for citizenship and active social participation, which allows them to acquire learning experiences outside the academic curriculum, and learn and gain awareness of the world around them, training volunteers and contributing to their all-round education.

Koopera, one of the associations with which SEK-Alborán actively collaborates, is a social project run by Cáritas founded 25 years ago that is dedicated to offering and creating inclusive jobs, through collection points for clothes, toys, paper, furniture or packaging, with the final objective of returning to the job market those who, for different reasons, have been excluded from it.

SEK-Alborán’s collaboration with Koopera will continue with the initiative to collect and donate clothes in the spring and autumn.