SEK-Alborán set to collaborate on the development of an educational video game to learn mathematics

SEK International School Alboran signed an agreement with Upware Studios to develop a pilot of a video game entitled Maths Up!, which aims to help students from 5 to 8 learn mathematics.

Upware Studios is a startup from Almeria dedicated to the development of cutting-edge video games and education apps, which make use of Game Based Learning. It aims to take the learning processes to the next level.

Currently, Upware Studios is carrying out a pilot programme in different schools in Almería, among them SEK International School AlboránMaths Up! is a platform for applied learning through play for the mathematics syllabus for Preschool and Primary school.

In addition to offering active teaching, students are given control of learning, in addition to having their creativity and imagination enhanced, social skills are encouraged, and students learn naturally through play and from experience.

The video game will be released in the coming 2020-2021 school year.

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