SEK-Alborán go on an exchange to Germany

A group of students from Year 3 Secondary Education at SEK-Alborán, accompanied by their teachers, enjoyed an enriching cultural, sports and educational programme at the German school Max Planck Gymnasium. The students had the opportunity to visit the cities of Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne, as well as several museums and go ice skating, rock climbing, bowling and taking part in classes at the local secondary school.

Following from which the German students from the Max Planck Gymnasium school will visit Almeria, and SEK-Alborán, at the end of March.

SEK International School Alborán, through its Department of Modern Languages, has been organising school exchanges to Germany for over a decade where it has numerous Partnerschule – partner schools – in several cities around Germany, including Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Mönchengladbach, Hannover and now, Düsseldorf.


Karsten Wiemann & Don Miguel López
Karsten Wiemann & Miguel López