SEK-Alborán debate team, semi-finalist of the CDU school tournament

The 7th CDU National School Debate Tournament was held on 14 and15 February with the ‘Nicolás Salmerón’ Debate Club giving a good performance with the team formed by Antonio Palomino (introducer), Andrey Parrilla (first refuter), José Antonio Casanova (second refuter) and Lucía Ríos (concluder).

José Antonio Casanova & Antonio Palomino

In the first phase, SEK-Alborán was the only team that won all five games, thanks to its prepping on Family Education (for which two doctoral theses and an end- of-degree project on this subject were read). The students were congratulated for their communicative and intelligent contributions and managed to reach the semi-finals of the championship.

The organisation rewarded the SEK-Alborán team by including two of its members in the tournament’s ideal team. Antonio Palomino was named Best Introducer and José Antonio Casanova was the Best Counter Refuter and Best speaker of the tournament.

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