Year 1 Baccalaureate students go on solidarity expedition to Siyakula

The Siyakula Expedition is an educational and solidarity initiative, part of the SEK-Alborán Community Habitat projects, which began in 2013 as a class activity in Early Childhood and today has become a true international volunteering experience.

Luis Carlos Jiménez, Eugenia Natalia Aguilera, Lucía Rios, David Figueredo, Ms. Norkweshi, Raúl Montero, Manuela Roldán, Pedro Fernández, José Juan Mena, Carla García, Pedro Checa y Don Antonio Robles.


All the SEK-Alborán community is engaged in this initiative. From fathers, mothers, students, to all those who, in one way or another, contribute to achieving the common goal of helping those most in need.

During the school year, various educational, volunteer and fundraising initiatives are carried out to promote the well-being of children at the Siyakula school in Qolweny (South Africa). This has been the seventh consecutive year that bracelets, crafts, soaps and sweets have been sold, and events such as the fun run or the traditional charity dinner have been organised, with the fifth edition being held on 6 March.

Thanks to the funds raised, an expedition of nine years 1 Baccalaureate students, accompanied by two teachers, recently travelled to South Africa to repair the school roof, install security doors for classrooms, fix the outer fence, paint traditional games in the playground, teach English and computer classes and help in the distribution of food to the community that takes place every Friday.

These nine students have been SEK-Alborán’s ambassadors in Siyakula, where they have had an experience that they will possibly never forget.





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