SEK-Alborán donates money for food for the children of the Siyakula school

COVID-19 knows no borders and spans the five continents. In Africa, the Republic of South Africa is one of the countries with the highest contagion and death rates, which has forced the government to impose a lockdown and close schools.

Specifically, in the town of Qolweny, the Siyakula Primary School has closed its doors, affecting its 120 students, since the team of teachers led by Ms Nokwezi, in addition to offering an opportunity for learning and schooling, provided a daily meal to all students. In the current situation, with the school closed and families facing economic uncertainty, hunger is a problem not only for the youngest, but also for the most disadvantaged.

Once again, the SEK-Alborán community has demonstrated its solidarity with the purchase and delivery of food.

The money raised as a result of the sale of fleeces during the winter, organised by students from International Baccalaureate in the framework of the Habitat for humanity project, went to buying 140 ‘food bags’ with basic foodstuffs that have been distributed to the children and families of the Siyakula Infant School.

The director Ms Nokwezi and her teachers, Ms Zoliswa, Ms Babalwa, Ms Maria, Ms Prettyy and Ms Babsie, have delivered the aid and warmly thank the SEK-Alborán community for its support and solidarity for Siyakula Infant School.

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