Felipe Segovia Library, much more than a school library

This school year has seen the reopening of the renovated library at SEK-Alborán, reinforcing its primary role in the day-to-day life of the school. Located in the heart of the school, it contains over 32,000 physical books, more than 3,500 electronic books, platforms with reference resources for all ages, magazines and publications of all kinds, with works in Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese or Russian. The library is carefully distributed by sections, accounting for over 10,000 loans per year, and since its opening has transcended its book-loaning function to become a place of cultural enrichment and entertainment.

The Felipe Segovia Library encourages research, providing access to encyclopaedias, prestigious databases, the ‘teacher’s wall’ and is committed to the use of new technologies (Flipgrid, Stream, publishing software for book and magazine design and layout). The exchange between students of all ages is encouraged (Lecturas al cuadrado, Book Reviews, Story Timementoring and monitoring), as is their creative, critical and entrepreneurial spirit through various projects (journalism school, FanFiction, creative writing workshops). The library also serves to bolster the three International Baccalaureate programmes (indispensable training support and sources of information for students and teachers of the PYP, MYP and PD) and is the linchpin of our educational community’s action and service work.

The new Felipe Segovia Library it is much more than the books and publications it houses, it is much more than the workshops that are taught there and it is much more than the talks it hosts. Our new library provides a nexus for over 800 people who seek to excel, innovate and learn every day, the best way to honour the memory of the man it is named after.