Día del Libro 2020 in SEK-Alborán

International Book Day has been different this year. This year has been Book Day in lockdown, but it has still been widely celebrated. Using ingenuity and aided by educational technology, the day was simply spectacular. Accompanied by authors and representatives of the media, the entire Educational Community – students, parents and teachers – celebrated a day full of culture.

From Nursery to Secondary School, the variety of activities carried out was very unique. For example, in the Early Childhood Education, the children vibrated with emotion with the story time that their teachers had prepared for them through Microsoft Teams.

There was a broad range of activities in Primary education. Year one and their parents got together online for a story in English and Spanish read to them by their teachers. Forms in year two ran a literary gymkhana, as well as FanFiction in English, transforming traditional tales. Year three, on Microsoft Teamsand still dressed in their pyjamas, made and recorded reading suggestions that they shared with the entire community. Year four read a graphic novel in English and posted it to the booktrailers.




While year five students created Chinese shadow puppet theatres and in year six, a host of experiences including booktrailers, drawing comics, poetry, editing and layout of slogans promoting reading and even creating new narratives using the technique known as exquisite cadaver.

To see the puppet theatre, click here

The work in Secondary was more serious but no less enriching. Year 4 gave oral presentations and years 1 and 2 had the opportunity to view a short film to promote reading, about which they subsequently held gatherings in which they discussed the importance of it.

To conclude and organised by the Library and the Technology Department for the entire community, parents, students and friends shared their reading suggestions in a very peculiar way. Here are some of them.





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