SEK Education Group, the only educational entity in Spain to join the B Corp movement

The SEK Group – SEK International Schools and University Camilo José Cela – has been awarded the B Corp seal for its commitment to the most demanding social and environmental criteria transparency and corporate responsibility.

The group is the only education entity in Spain to join this movement, which promotes ethical values and innovation. B Corps aim to have a positive impact on the community they serve and on the environment, and thus contribute to building a more sustainable, shared and long-lasting future. There are currently 3,240 Certified B Corps® (BTM Companies) in more than 150 sectors and 71 countries. 

B Corps around the world are a regenerating and transforming force for society and the planet, putting each member of their community at the core of their business model and are driven by a sense of purpose that is grounded in their passion, mission, professionalism and vocation.

Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group said “we are very proud to be part of this formidable network of shared values and to contribute, from our classrooms, to its growth. If B Corps do not aspire to be “the best in the world, but the best for the world”, we also aspire for our students to be, not the best in the world, but the best for a world that they must strive to build in their image.”

The certification process, which the SEK Group started two years ago, includes reliable, comprehensive, transparent and independent standards to measure social and environmental impact, bearing in mind the five indicators including: suppliers, employees, clients, community and environment.

Educational values with a strong social commitment

Following two year’s hard work, SEK Education Group has been recognised as a Certified B Corporation® for its organisational model and processes. With a SEK educational model that guides students’ curricula towards action and commitment to society. The objective is to instil in our students values that foster a more humane and better society, and thus learn to take on social leadership.

At the same time, it is an opportunity to recognise and encourage the SEK educational community – teachers, families, alumni, emeritus teachers, friends and collaborators – to actively participate in initiatives and projects aimed at improving service to society.

SEK is the oldest non-denominational educational institution in Spain, and from its establishment it has taken on the challenge of adapting teaching models to the needs of each student and society, developing a singular and one-of-a-kind educational model.

Through the Felipe Segovia Foundation, SEK Group articulates the educational ideals of its founder, Felipe Segovia, in social projects aimed at improving education quality, “to perfect humanity and build a better society”. Foundation University Camilo José Cela promotes discussion on learning, service and research applied to the needs of our society. The Foundation is designed to be a space for the development of social innovation experiences at UCJC.