The coordinators of the EU Ambassador Schools meet at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Madrid

Last Friday, October 1, 2021, Luis Joaquín García Méndez, representing SEK International School Alborán, attended the training sessions for the academic year 2021-2022 of Ambassador Schools of the European Parliament, based in Madrid.

During the day, 45 coordinators of Schools of Ambassadors from all over the Spanish geography shared practices and experiences developed in their own schools. Likewise, all attendees were able to participate in the practical workshop: “Teaching European democracy in the Ambassador Schools program. What to expect from Ambassador Schools after the first year? ”. The workshop was organized by three Mentor Schools, and was given by José Manuel from IES Cella Vinaria (Extremadura), Carmen from IES Cairasco de Figueroa (Canary Islands), and Ángel from Fundació Llor (Barcelona).

The result was a day with an atmosphere of collaboration and transmission of unmatched experiences that was possible thanks to a great organizational effort.

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