The IV SEK-Alborán Spring Charity Festival raises 11,000 euros for the project ‘La Terraza de Mi Recreo’ by ARGAR Children with Cancer

SEK-Alborán has held, at the Auditorium Theater of El Ejido, its IV Spring Charity Festival in favor of the ARGAR Children with Cancer Association, after three years of interruption due to the pandemic. In addition to the proceeds from the sale of tickets for the event, 11,000 euros have been raised for the ARGAR Children with Cancer Almería association.

On this occasion, all the enthusiasm and solidarity of the SEK-Alborán school community came together to collaborate with the ARGAR association in its latest project, the construction of an open-air space on the roof of the Torrecárdenas Maternal and Child Hospital, in Almería , with the intention of offering patients an escape route in their hospital admissions.


SEK-Alborán decided to ask for the collaboration and participation of companies in the area through donations or promotional services for the event, with the aim of raising as much money as possible for this initiative.

The response from the City Council and 31 companies from the sectors of agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, recycling, marketing and communication has managed to contribute 11,000 euros to ARGAR Children with Cancer Almería, together with the proceeds from the sale of tickets to the event, to help make the project a reality.