Dear families,

I am pleased to welcome you to SEK International School Alborán the year of our 20th anniversary.

SEK-Alborán was established on 9 September 1999 as the first SEK Education Group school in southern Spain. It was set up thanks to a joint effort between a group of families searching for a quality education in the province of Almeria and the determination and unconditional support of SEK Group for a cutting-edge educational project.

As a member of the SEK Education Group, which since 1892 has been renowned for its pursuit of educational excellence, our ethos considers the student as the focus of learning and rests on the pillars of personalised education, international-mindedness and education for the 21st century.

In a society in which new technologies are becoming vitally important, our school has succeeded in integrating, naturally and on a daily basis, the advantages which, educationally speaking, are offered by these new digital resources. The teaching staff, with their wide-ranging experience, are completely up to date with new trends in education, thanks to their continuing professional development, and form, together with our students and their families, a continuously evolving educational community.

Each year we confirm the excellent results that we obtain in university entrance examinations, in external language examinations and in a variety of academic and debating competitions in which our students take part both in Spain and overseas.

Similarly, consistent with our striving for an international education, we continue to widen our exchange programmes with schools from the IB world, our participation in Model United Nations (MUN) and our educational projects in collaboration with other European countries (Comenius) or the charitable ones we undertake such as the one with Siyakula school in South Africa.

Without a shadow of a doubt, at SEK International School Alboran we work with the future, for the future.

We hope that the following pages will serve as an invitation for you to visit us personally, allowing you to choose the very best education for your children.

Luis Carlos Jiménez Gámez

Principal of SEK International School Alborán

 SEK-Alborán is the only English School Centre, a preparation centre for Cambridge external examinations. It is also Exam Centre for the Alliance Francaise and the Goethe-Institut

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