Innovation in learning spaces is one of the constants at the SEK Group.

Flexible learning spaces make it possible for students and teachers to work as teams and include all necessary resources.

SEK Alboran International School was established in 1999, in southern Almeria.

Located in the residential district of Almerimar, in El Ejido, it covers an area of 28,000m2 over which are distributed individual buildings for each educational stage, with bright, roomy spaces, with modern sports facilities (covered pavilion, gymnasium, swimming pool).

SEK-Alboran has children’s play areas for Preschool and Primary Education students.

Extensive sports installations:

  • Multi-sports courts
  • Athletics area.
  • Covered pavilion-Gymnasium
  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Taekwondo classroom.


Secondary education Intelligent Classrooms are open classrooms that encourage investigation, experimentation, the acquisition of knowledge at the student’s own speed and the development of social, co-operative working, critical thinking and self-awareness skills with the help of technology and other resources.

There are spaces dedicated to:

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories
  • Information Technology classroom
  • Technology and robotics laboratory
  • Music rooms
  • Visual arts classrooms
  • Dance studio
  • Theatre space
  • Multi-learning classroom: equipped with a radio studio, recording and video editing suites, 3D printer, robotics tables and with the SEK-Alboran TED ED Club area.

Technology at the service of learning:

  • All classrooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards
  • iPad Project in the Preschool and Primary years 1 and 2
  • Robotics from Preschool up to Secondary School.
  • aSEKmov Robotics Club
  • Science and Technology Week
  • Laptop trolleys
  • Laptop loans.
  • 3D printers, radio and TV studios and video editing suite.
  • Campus WiFi throughout the centre.
  • Educational Blogosphere with resources for students

From secondary education onwards, the BYOD (bring your own device) programme allows students who can do so to bring their own laptop computers:

  • Security lockers with electrical charger.
  • Working in the Cloud with Office365
  • Portal with applications to help learning activities.

5 locations: Preschool, Primary, School Office-Parents, Humanities and the Main Library

  • 10,000 titles and 25,000 volumes
  • Digital resources
  • Assistance for IB® programmes
  • Periodic reading suggestions
  • Reading encouragement activities, notable dates, training in information, individualised attention
  • Loan of materials to families
  • Online catalogue accessed through the library portal