We put into practice an innovative educational system:

  • Linguistic immersion in English
  • Early learning programme
  • Personalised attention to the development of each pupil’s emotions
  • Sensory, emotional and creative education.
  • Learning spaces, the furniture and the surroundings are adapted to the needs of each pupil
  • Fully equipped grounds in the open air
  • Assisted by the use of advanced teaching and technological resources, that are incorporated into our pupils’ daily activities.
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The nursery stage  focusses on:

 100% in English

  Language development.

  The acquisition of basic health and well-being habits.

  Improvement of motor skills and manipulative abilities.

  The establishment of affective links with others, progressive development in the expression of feelings and emotions.

 Open spaces adapted to the needs of each child.

 Separate classrooms.

 Open-air areas.

 Multi-purpose room.

 Dining room with its own kitchen.

 Flexible hours.

 Ongoing communications: list of activities, blog, newsletter, electronic mail, SMS.

 Own dining room (special menus).

 Pedagogical advice.